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Happy Dogs Koh Chang

My name is Tina, I am of German origin and have been living in Thailand since 2004. The first 4 years in Samui, Koh Chang became home to me in 2008 and ever since I have care for those that have no voice, the stray dogs and cats of the island. Happy Dogs Koh Chang was founded in 2012 to reach out to animal lovers world wide for support in helping and saving the island’s stray dogs and cats.

My main goal is spay/neuter to control the population of companion animals in an ethical and humane way. Relying entirely on donations, we need help and support from animal lovers such as yourself. Your support is mandatory to keep the dogs of Koh Chang alive, safe, happy and healthy.

It is heartwarming to see more and more people supporting us by following us on FB and Instagram, sharing about us  widely and supporting our tireless efforts fund-wise and with donations of food and doggy stuff. I am very grateful to have supporters helping with fostering, adopting and sponsoring our in-house dogs!

Making the island a better place for dogs and cats, relieving the suffering and pain of the animals on Koh Chang and to stop the barbaric and sadly common poisoning through education, sterilization and care was my main intention to start the project. As an organization founded purely from a heart of compassion for the countless number of suffering strays on the island, I won’t ever stop to give the voiceless, my voice.

Firstly the mission is to help the dogs and cats that no one cares for. Spay and neuter, feeding, treating, healing, first aid for the sick and injured. Offering shelter for the neglect and abandoned and all those that can’t fend for themselves on the streets and of course adoptions. We have been quite successful over the past years homing our cuties to amazing homes and this is also one of my priorities – finding forever loving homes for our adorable, well socialized former strays.

Keeping the population of stray animals on the island down by means of the realization of humane spaying and neutering programs, was and still is a major priority to start with.


Martina Moeller

Martina Moeller is the founder of Happy Dogs Koh Chang. I am of German origin and have been living in Thailand since 2004. The first 4 years in Samui, Koh Chang became home to me in 2008 and ever since I have care for those that have no voice, the stray dogs and cats of the…
Martina Moeller


Amelia and Thomas (Safe House)
Amelia and Thomas (Safe House)
Amelia and Thomas are some of the most awesome volunteers we ever had the pleasure to have here. Original plan was to stay a few weeks, but they are already volunteering with us for over 18 months. Huge dog lovers, with great organizational skills, superb team players, this amazing couple is all in one, and…
Udo and Louise (Remotely)
Udo and Louise (Remotely)
This amazing couple visited us on their holidays and are fantastic supporters ever since! We can’t thank them enough for their compassion and amazing efforts to raise badly needed funds month by month and also for the wonderful continuous mental support from a far! We are looking forward to meet them again in person on…
Natasha (Remotely)
Natasha (Remotely)
I met Natasha during our last mass spay supported by Animal Army TH and she helped me also at the shelter. She then decided to open a foster house on the island to help us create more space for needy animals. Natasha is the head of Action For Dogs, a low cost flight volunteer and…
Claudio (Sanctuary/ Remotely)
Claudio (Sanctuary/ Remotely)
Claudio is a huge animal lover from Switzerland and traveled over in mid 2019 for the first time to help us. He visited us again in early 2020 and stayed for another 6 months. Very skilled and great with the dogs and the team, he became our voluntary shelter manager and volunteer coordinator. He will…
Corinne and Martin (Safe House/ Remotely)
Corinne and Martin (Safe House/ Remotely)
Corinne and Martin joined us for the very first time in 2018 on a stop over during their half around the world trip. Volunteering at our former Safe house for a couple of weeks was the plan but they stayed a few months instead and returned 4 times after some traveling. Two of the most…
Marion and Mario (Sanctuary/ Remotely)
Marion and Mario (Sanctuary/ Remotely)
I met this awesome couple about 5 years ago while on a dog rescue mission. Marion and Mario were on a vacation and we immediately clicked over our love for animals. This year they came for a short stop while on a world tour but stayed over 3 months. Covid-19 forced them to head back…
Pah Duan (Street Dogs Care)
Pah Duan (Street Dogs Care)
Pah Duan is a local lady living on Koh Chang. She cares for the strays in and around Bang Bao,at the temple and on the beach. This lovely lady has helped us often with mass spay campaigns and we support her with meds and food.
Jean Pascal (Street Dogs Care)
Jean Pascal (Street Dogs Care)
John is a friend for many years and an important part of our organization since the very start. Being the huge dog lover he is, he feeds about 35 dogs in his neighborhood daily and out of his own pockets. John is full time self employed but helps whenever we need him. Catching and/or transporting…
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Opinions about our work

Dejan Weih
Tina, you are an angel!!! Special huge respect for people like you all over our fucked up planet!!!
Astrid Westerman
Thank you Tina for your great work!!!
Barbara Medei
Thank YOU for what you are doing every day!
Tracy MCKee
What a great job you do for these dog’s hip hip to you merry Christmas and a happy new year count down 12 weeks till I meet you xD.
Barbara Medei, Südtirol
Danke DIR liebe Martina dass du Tag ein, Tag aus deine Zeit und Energie in die Pflege dieser vergessenen Seelen investierst.... Die Welt braucht mehr Menschen wie dich. Ich kann es kaum erwarten wieder zu kommen... Dank dir, Christine und allen Hundis, hatte ich eine wundervolle Zeit hier.... DANKE nochmals, werde euch vermissen
An Ne
Oh Gott ist das toll. Hab gleich Tränen in den Augen. Du leistest echt großartiges!
Amanda Alves
Volunteer Tina! For us, it's an honor to work with a strong woman like you and we're glad to be part of Happy Dogs Koh Chang team. Thank you for this opportunity and for the amazing job that you do over here. It's being the most beautiful experience of our lives. ♥
Irene Fuchs Switzerland
Ich auch, danke Euch tausendmal
Maya Steinberger
Tina, Du machst das wirklich toll. Ich konnte mich selber davon überzeugen. Es war eine wunderbare Erfahrung bei Euch helfen zu dürfen. Ich kann das Projekt nur weiter empfehlen. Happy Dogs Koh Chang ist wirklich seriös und voller Liebe und Leidenschaft für die Tiere geführt.