Our Shelter is called The Sanctuary of Hope, in memorial of one very loving street dog whom I had rescued off the streets and who suffered a very bad form of sarcoptic mange. Hope was one of the first dogs moving into the shelter in 2016, hence the name.

The Sanctuary is an emergency shelter, built for those that need emergency/pre-op care and dogs that won’t survive on the streets on their own.

A former recycling plant had been rented few years ago and been turned into a small sanctuary for the sick and helpless. We have signed a rental contract for 4 years and are in search of a bigger and more suitable final solution to be able to help more animals that suffer and need to be cared for on the streets.

The shelter houses an open air kitchen, a staff room and a small spay/neuter clinic/infirmary, the entire property with pens and runs measures about 1600 square metres and is a living space to currently 28 dogs.

The Sanctuary of Hope is far from perfect, but it is a peaceful haven for those dogs living with us here in Happy Dogs Koh Change.

Happy Dogs Koh Chang
We are sad to leave, but happy to know you exist. Thanks Happy Dogs Koh Chang and Martina, for letting us participate in this amazing project. Happy Dogs Koh Chang

Posted by OmarAndKikiGoAbroad ; on Tuesday, February 26, 2019.