Be a part of our rescue team!

Do you love dogs and would like to help us care for them? Come volunteer with us for a few weeks or during your holidays!

Volunteer with a bunch of up to 30 dogs in either our Safe house or in the sanctuary here on the beautiful island of Koh Chang, Thailand. Volunteers will have a great opportunity to gain experience in caring for dogs, learning more about dogs living in big packs, their behaviour, treatments of various illnesses, walk the dogs on the beach, socialize them, yet by just simply caring for them and loving them.

We want you if you are either a vet student, nurse, pet sitter and simply anyone who has experience with the care of dogs and is a genuine dog person. As your host we will take good care of you in terms of free accommodation with complimentary water, coffee, tea and fruits. You may want to take advantage of free shared scooters, a scooter with side car and a mountain bike to explore our beautiful island Koh Chang during your time off.

Caring for our dogs at both our 2 shelters; The Sanctuary and The Safe House is just 50% of what we are doing in terms of rescue and care. The other 50% is stray street work (we currently care for 200+ strays daily), community work such as free rabies vaccinations, spay/neuter but also helping locals with their pets in any possible way.

We are just 2 rescuers and it is full-time job for both of us, therefore we need help from animal lovers such as yourself. Volunteering with Happy Dogs Koh Chang most certainly gives you the opportunity to make a difference to the lives of countless animals.

Daily tasks include but are not limited to:

  • walking dogs
  • feeding dogs twice a day
  • taking care of the sick
  • nursing puppies
  • Bathing and de-ticking, some grooming
  • cleaning cages, runs and other areas
  • some gardening
  • keeping the entire space neat and clean
  • socializing and playing with the dogs


Due to the nature of the rescue work no two experiences are ever the same. We try to manage expectations by giving you as much information as possible up front. We find that the vast majority of our volunteers have an amazing and life-changing experience.

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Before applying, please read all our info in the document here bellow.

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Apply now to be part of our team!

We need volunteers all year round!

Booking you spot: As early as possible since our spots are very limited.

Final confirm: 10 days prior to you visit. A deposit is required to secure your placement (waived until further notice).