Billy our fluffy sweetheart, certainly won the jackpot being adopted by the amazing Claudia, a German social worker, living and working in beautiful Bern in Switzerland.

Claudia is a huge dog lover and she has not made this decision easily to adopt a dog, a Thai dog in particular – but she fell in love with Billy on very first sight following us on social media and stumbling over our posts about super handsome and adoptable Billy! Due to Covid she had to wait many months for him to finally arrive, but she said that all the waiting was so very worth it – she loves Billy to pieces!

We are so happy for Billy and of course Claudia, it took them just a little over 2 weeks to build up a strong bond, and Billy has adjusted so well to his new, loving forever home and amazing new human buddy. He has made friends already with other dogs and loves to accompany Claudia to her workplace.