Just a few of our many wonderful adoptions ...

 Over the last 8 years we have found countless homes for pups and some adult dogs and also cats, especially during the years where we did not had our sanctuary in place. We don’t have much adoption documentation before 2015, so below you just see a few of the many after that, but we still have a few more to add so please watch this space. If you are interested to adopt a dog from us, please kindly fill in our adoption form the adopt/ sponsor page.

Nemo in Holland

Nemo in Holland Nemo lives in Holland after his adopters found him on the streets somewhere in the nowhere of

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Sandy in Poland

Sandy in Poland Sandy lives in Poland together with our former Safe house volunteers who had fallen in love with

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Jaci in the USA

Jaci in the USA Jaci is a street rescue whom I named Jade in relation to her beautiful and rare green eyes.

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Coco in Spain

Coco in Spain Coco got adopted by our amazing volunteers Tania and Pau from Spain and lives a happy and

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