ANIMAL WELFARE Non Profit Organisation NON PROFIT ORGANISATION HAPPY DOGS KOH CHANG DO YOU CARE ? WE DO! Approximately 3’000 Strays live on Koh Chang THIS IS LEO Non Profit Organisation Now safe at the foster house and awaiting adoption MILK DUMPED IN THE TRASH! WITH YOUR HELP ! THEN AND NOW! DONT LET THEM SUFFER HOMELESS! HELP US HELP ! THANK YOU ! IN THE NAME OF THE STRAYS! THIS IS COSMA Non Profit Organisation Born and dumped like trash as a tiny pup Rescued by us and adopted to Austria


     OUR MISSION is to provide and promote the humane treatment of animals on Koh Chang through education, animal protection and to help dogs in need through feeding, free spay/neuter, vaccinations, sheltering, adoption and by building a community where people value animals and treat them with respect and kindness to end the pain and suffering of a life of abandonment, neglect, and cruelty. We strive to strengthen the human-animal bond.






Sponsor one of our forgotten souls, help to provide food and medical care for one of our animals in need. Every little bit counts! Thank you. 


All this beautiful dogs are looking for a loving and caring “Forever Home”. Get in touch if you are interested to adopt a dog from us.


Would you like to donate some of your precious time while on holidays at Koh Chang? Let’s talk about it, kindly get in touch!