Lolli in Central Thailand

Lolli in Central Thailand Lolli lost her mom to a car accident at less than two weeks old. We brought them all to the shelter to be nursed/bottle fed and the 3 of her siblings are still with us. Lolli won the lottery and got adopted by the lovely Laura a teacher living in Chonburi.

Billy in Austria

Billy in Austria Born under a car nearby a dirty landfill to HDKC shelter life in Thailand and now to an awesome family life near Vienna. Our rescue girly girl Billy! She left us for her forever home in late July and settles in pretty well. Lovely little sunshine, all the best for you.

Walt in Switzerland

Walt in Switzerland From tropical beaches to the Swiss country side, our handsome snow-white WALT Looks like he very much enjoys his exciting new life. Walt had been rescued with his 9 siblings as a tiny pup, after their mom died from a car accident and had been living in the foster house ever since. […]

George in California USA


George in California USA Former Koh Chang puppy George sends sunny greetings from California. Remember little George? Fluffy mom’s boy who got hit and injured by a car as a tiny little pup in October 2018 here on the island?! One of my many rescued doggies that did not ended up in the Safe house or […]

Oliang and Tinywhite on Koh Chang

Oliang and Tinywhite on Koh Chang Have helped this lovely guy on quite a few occasions with his beloved 3 dogs, sadly he lost 2 out of 3 recently. The previous call when he asked for help for his boy who refused to eat, I showed him pics of my newest puppies in need of […]

Makoot on the island

Makoot on the island Makoot is one proof that local adoptions work and that there are local people that truly love dogs and care. Look at these happy faces. A photo speaks more than a thousand words.

King in Koh Chang

King in Koh Chang King, one of 7 of the most adorable puppies ever found his forever human in Chek Bae with the amazing Heli and her partner – an awesome home for an awesome pupper. King enjoy your warm and caring, loving family life.

Chili in France

Chili in France Chili is Gjani’s brother and as cute and adorable. Rachelle one of our volunteers fell in love with her but due to her living and study situation she couldn’t commit to the adoption but convinced her parents instead, once they saw the pics of Chili they could not resist her and so […]

Nico aka Gjani in Germany

Nico aka Gjani in Germany Nico and Chili are siblings and were found wandering the beach as tiny pups with no mother anywhere around. They lived with us at the sanctuary and were both loved to pieces by everyone for their wonderful and fun personalities. Nico was adopted by the bf of one of our German volunteers, he came to […]

Pico and Deedee in Eastern Thailand

Pico and Deedee in Eastern Thailand One of our very first nationwide adoption back in 2016, little doggy mom Deedee and her super cute pup Pico. We found them wandering the streets of Kaibae, esperate for food and some tlc. With the help of friends, we found an awesome couple in Eastern Thailand near Laos who were desperate to […]