Sali in Koh Chang

Sali in Koh Chang Sali the Husky, what a sad story to begin with and what a happy end, Sali had been left behind when his foreign human got into trouble and left the country without him. He then got adopted by someone else and being abandoned once again, while forced to fend for himself on the streets he […]

Cutie in Switzerland

Cutie in Switzerland Rebekka came to visit us at Happy Dogs with her husband during their holidays and the couple immediately fell for our uber cute boyish boy Cutie. Bella’s son and Suzy’s brother are another of our rescues that won the lottery being adopted and spoiled by such amazing people! 

Doolittle in Koh Chang

Doolittle in Koh Chang Doolittle or short Doo had been adopted by John who is a yearlong supporter and friend. Doolitte lives on a huge plot of land away from the road with 5 other step doggy siblings and enjoys his life at the resort meeting many different people and being loved by everyone.

Loopey Loui in Koh Chang

Loopey Loui in Koh Chang Arun goes by the name of Loopey Loui now and has the funkiest home to call his own. His adopters run a guesthouse and restaurant on the beach here on Koh Chang, they take him on long walks and even taught him wake boarding which he very much loves. Loopey Loui was rescued from […]

Rita in Sweden

Rita in Sweden Rita is the sister of Beth and lives in Sweden in the county side, adopted by a big family with 5 kids, grand kids and loads of outdoor space to run and play. There is always someone around to play and to take her on walks. The family has decided to adopt another dog from us, […]

Ellie, Misty and Jessie in UK

Ellie, Misty and Jessie in UK Marie learned about the sad story of the 3 sisters from one of our Facebook posts, they had been adopted on the island but the couple broke up and abandoned all 3, just few months later. Marie came to the island from the UK specially to meet the girls […]

Nemo in Holland

Nemo in Holland Nemo lives in Holland after his adopters found him on the streets somewhere in the nowhere of the east coast. They asked us for help to get Nemo home to Holland and how could we say no, look at them! Of course, we helped with the entire process and one of our […]

Sandy in Poland

Sandy in Poland Sandy lives in Poland together with our former Safe house volunteers who had fallen in love with her on first sight. Another of our beautiful rescue doggies to live her life to the fullest, very spoiled and incredibly loved.      

Stella IN Switzerland

Stella IN Switzerland Stella, mother to a litter of 5 adorable pups was rescued after she had been left behind with her pups by her former humans. Adopted by a famous Swiss national she finally has the life she deserves. Stella even has mastered doggy school and is a licensed therapy dog, working with the […]

Som in Switzerland

Som in Switzerland Som and his siblings were part of our feeding rounds since we found them with their mom at White Sands Beach and took their mom for her spay surgery. All of a sudden, the pups had all vanished and after some research we found out they had been dumped, and we continued […]