Princess and Noe in Germany

Princess and Noe in Germany Both, Princess (left) and Noe are street rescues and came as puppies to us at the Safe house, both were adopted by our first ever foster house volunteers, they live in Northern Germany not too far from Hamburg. 

Benji aka Dusty in Germany

Benji aka Dusty in Germany Benji goes by the name of Dusty now, and was adopted by friends of friends who met him at the sanctuary and where very impressed by his looks and personality. If not already doggy parents to 6, they would have adopted him by themselves so back home in Germany one of their friends […]

Fee in the USA

Fee in the USA Fee (the bigger one) is a former beach stray whom we had included in our feeding rounds. She stayed at our Safe house after her spay surgery to recover, when a tourist got in touch sending photos asking if we could help finding her since they had fallen for her during […]

Jaci in the USA

Jaci in the USA Jaci is a street rescue whom I named Jade in relation to her beautiful and rare green eyes. My FB post was just on when the first adoption inquiries came in, the daughter of an US supporter and her partner won as the most promising furever family and 6 months later, little Jade, now Jaci […]

Coco in Spain

Coco in Spain Coco got adopted by our amazing volunteers Tania and Pau from Spain and lives a happy and safe, very loved and cared for life in Barcelona. Adorable snow-white Coco is part of a litter of 9 who came to us after their mom had a car accident and died.

Benny in Finland

Benny in Finland Benny and brother Billie were dumped to the roadside as tiny pups where I stumbled over them one morning on my feeding tour, they wouldn’t have survived fending for themselves so we took them in. While Billie still waits for his own adoptive family, Benny lives the life in Finland, near Helsinki. Adopted […]

Arun and Pauline In Switzerland

Arun and Pauline In Switzerland Arun former Floppy was rescued during a mass spay when we spotted him while catching dogs. He was in a miserable condition with a very old, never treated injury to his leg and filthy matted fur, malnutrition skinny, parasite infested. We nursed him back to health at the sanctuary from […]


COFFEE IN HOLLAND Coffee had been rescued together with his brother Milk throw to the roadside in a rubbish bag. Our lovely former volunteers Thomas and Fee adopted him to Holland. He lives in Amsterdam with them.


BETH IN FINLAND​             Beth and her sister Rita were found by volunteers near their accommodation, obviously dumped by someone. They lived with various volunteers until they got adopted. Rita lives a great life in Sweden but Beth has won the lottery to have found her furever home with Venla and […]